Kristian Guevara

Hi there! I'm a Web - Mobile - Application Developer and currently residing as a software developer. This is my minimalist portfolio website, a little piece of my work.

Learn about what I do

I develop and build amazing apps.

Services that I offer are the following:

Teaching & Mentoring

Thesis mentoring is one of them. I can also teach on certain technologies (refer to my skillsets section). Don't worry, I teach from scratch from the point where you will understand.

Web Development

I can create your websites if requested, as well as web-based apps on mobile platforms. If it has to do with designs, might as well call a designer. Let me just elaborate the term "Development".

Software Engineering

I also do software consulting and documentation. Just make sure you have done your part on the client because I don't do trick or treat (Unless it's really needed to the ∞ degree).

Awesome work makes happy clients.

My professional career starts on April 2014, the moment I graduated. Everything here is based on the time when I was a student.

Note: Those were some of my 2013 projects. Some of my projects are subjected to non-disclosure.

Titles and Certifications

Note: Most of my skillsets are mentioned in my Linkedin Account.

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Note: I anonymously add people on people on Linkedin as long as your picture looks decent.
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Will reply within 48 hours. A shy person? Don't worry? I keep things private with our conversation ;)
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